Historicity of City and Town Names in the Province of Cebu

  • Jiolito L. Benitez Cebu Normal University


Place names are important as they bear the collective identity of their inhabitants. It is likewise important to ascertain the historicity of place name accounts. This study examined the historicity of existing name narratives of 9 cities and 44 towns of the province of Cebu. Based on the nature of the narratives, the city and town names were classified into four types. Each type was categorized as historical, most likely historical, most likely not historical, and not historical. The study came up with the following findings: 2 city and 20 town names are considered historical; 6 city and 14 town names are deemed most likely historical; 6 town names are adjudged most likely not historical; whereas, 1 city and 7 town names are regarded not historical.  Moreover, 5 cities and 9 towns are named after flora and fauna; 2 cities and 5 towns are named after geographical features; 12 towns are named after customs, festivals, and events; 1 city and 4 towns are named after people; and, 1 city and 14 towns are named after Catholic saints, places in Spanish and Latin America. Generally, most city and town names are either historical or mostly likely historical. Several pre-colonial place names were altered by the Spanish colonizers with the ones they preferred which usually consisted of names of Catholic saints or place names in Spain.

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