School Monitoring, Evaluation, and Adjustment (SMEA) in Central Cebu, Philippines

  • Sofronio D. Paragoso Department of Education-Division of the City of Toledo City, Cebu, the Philippines
  • Leviticus M. Barazon Jr. Department of Education- Division of the City of Naga, Cebu, the Philippines


An evaluation of the implementation of the School Monitoring, Evaluation and Adjustment (SMEA) System of the Department of Education (DepEd) was conducted to aid on the improvement and upgrading of the system. A researcher-made instrument was utilized to quantitatively analyze the implementation and interviews were conducted to identify the challenges and struggles of its implementation. Also, a close look at the SMEA questionnaires was done to identify the level of compliance with the established standards. The analysis showed high levels of implementation, however, the qualitative analysis showed gaps in the validity and reliability of results. The burden of too many indicators and the confusion by questions that are hard to quantify in a single questionnaire were identified as the major problem. The need for indicators, which consider the setting and context of each school, was identified as the primary need. A sense of ownership of the indicators and commitment building were among the recommendations. In addition, a systems approach of integrating established school systems such as School Improvement Planning, Results-Based Performance Management System and the Monitoring and Evaluation System was also suggested.  The result of the study could contribute to the management of schools, enhancement of policies and improvement of DepEd systems.

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PARAGOSO, Sofronio D.; BARAZON JR., Leviticus M.. School Monitoring, Evaluation, and Adjustment (SMEA) in Central Cebu, Philippines. CNU Journal of Higher Education, [S.l.], v. 13, n. 1, p. 36-75, june 2019. ISSN 2546-1796. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 28 may 2020.