From Novice to Expert: The Lived Experience of Master Teachers in Science

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John Robert General


This study explored the lived experiences of Master Teachers to help bridge the
teaching gap with the novice Science teachers. This phenomenological inquiry
utilized a set of open-ended questions constructed based on Domain 1 of the
Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers (PPST) and employed semi-structured
interviews among seven purposively chosen participants. Data were recorded,
transcribed and analyzed through Colaizzi’s seven-step method. It revealed nine
themes that are aligned to three of the seven domains of the PPST. It emphasized that
to become master teachers, time, effort and hard work have to be invested by the
novice Science teachers. Their lived experiences are considered intricate, unique and
encompassing. Finally, it is recommended that the explored lived experiences through
the PPST should be considered as a springboard data for DepEd administrators, coteachers, stakeholders’ community, and students to improve the teaching-learning

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