About the Journal

The CNU Journal of Higher Education is an international journal of original research in higher education, published annually by the Center for Research Development of Cebu Normal University, Cebu, Philippines. It aims principally to provide a venue for the publication of empirical and theoretical education, nursing education, and liberal arts and sciences. It especially seeks to publish scholarly papers on features and experiences of multidisciplinary research in education.

The journal publishes research articles that report original research work that leads to the understanding and/or improvement of educational process and outcomes using research methods and analytic frameworks of the varied academic disciplines (anthropology, applied linguistics, cognitive science, economics, history, philosophy, political science psychology, sociology, among others) and also using multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches; maximum of twenty (20) pages or five thousand (5,000) words.

All dissertations, theses and case studies submitted by successful graduate school candidates to the various colleges of the University will be evaluated and classified by type, and will be considered for publication after passing the peer review process.

In addition to research articles and research reports generated internally in Cebu Normal University, submissions from other higher education institutions and legitimate research agencies will also be accepted and will be subjected to peer-review prior to consideration for publication. All research articles and research reports published will be indexed.

Peer Review Process

All manuscripts shall be reviewed using a double-blind review system with at least two (2) reviewers. These reviewers are chosen based on their field of expertise and relevant publications in refereed journals.

Research articles are considered based on standard editorial process that provides authors with detailed comments from the reviewers and the editor. Editorial decisions may be (a) acceptance with minor revisions (indicated), (b) revise with major revisions, (c) reject with option to resubmit, or (d) reject without option to resubmit.

Short research reports are considered using a light-touch editorial review process that is expedited, but does not provide authors with detailed comments from the reviewers. Editorial decisions are limited to (a) accept with minor revisions (indicated) or (b) reject.

The Editors will ensure that each cycle of the peer-review process does not take more than three months for regular articles, and not more than two months for research reports.

Publication Frequency

 The journal publishes once per year; Special issues may be published within a calendar year.



Open Access Policy

 The journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.

Online ISSN: 2546-1796

Print ISSN: 0119-6502