Vol. 16 (2022): CNU-JHE

The The Cooperation Between the Philippines and China in the Field of Culture, Education and Tourism (2001-2021)

Trần Thai Bảo
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Published 30-06-2022


  • Philippines,
  • China,
  • Culture,
  • Education


Cultural exchange is becoming increasingly significant in international relations as a result of globalization. The use of culture as a new and independent kind of diplomacy in global relations is highly valued by countries all over the world. In their bilateral relationship, the Philippines and China are highly active in building cultural diplomacy to improve mutual understanding, cooperation, and friendship, and settle issues and conflicts of interest through peaceful means, in addition to political and diplomatic accords. To clarify the cooperation process between the Philippines and China in the fields of culture, education, and tourism, the author has flexibly applied statistical, analytical, synthesis, and systematic methods, as historical and logical methods to contribute to the research work. From comparative and contrasting analyzes throughout the history of cooperation between the two countries in the first two decades of the 21st century, the author clarifies the achievements of cooperation through cultural diplomacy, thereby proposing some solutions for the two countries to maintain good relations, contributing to promoting the friendship between the two peoples.


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