Vol. 16 (2022): CNU-JHE

Career Development and Attributes of Scholar Graduates from State Universities in Region 8, Philippines

Elmer Irene
Samar State University

Published 30-06-2022


  • DOST scholar, career development, graduate attributes, scholarship, STEM


Career success calls for certain individual attributes that would contribute to one's achievement and satisfaction of career goals, and build a harmonious relationship with everyone in the workplace. This study assessed the career development of scholar-graduates and their graduate attributes. The study employedamixedmethod embedded research design involving participants based on the list fromthe science scholarship institute. The respondents totaled 81which constitutes37% of the total population.AmodifiedTracer survey instrument of CHED and a researcher-made interview guide were employed. Scholar-graduates were contacted through Group Chat messenger while others were informed through their batchmates' referral. Quantitative and qualitativedatawere collected and analyzed at the same time. Based on the findings, the career status of the scholars in terms of eligibility, training, advanced studies, and employment status aremostly in place and they have the ideal attributes geared towards reaching career success but a fewhave no eligibility, no advanced studies and are working at a non- S&T track. Moreover, scholar-graduates have understood and experienced these attributes at the university. Thus, together with other factors that help shape them, these are nowbeing demonstrated and utilized in theworkplace at a great extent. The notable finding includes scientifically-inclined attributes under competencies that are not shown as the dominant graduate attributes compared to other attributes alongwith values and qualities. It is then recommended to enhance the academic courses, maximize instructional strategies, and strengthen the scholarship program to enhance scientifically-inclined attributes among science scholars.