Vol. 16 (2022): CNU-JHE

Untold Stories of Selected Student Teachers in Cebu City, Philippines

Published 30-06-2022


  • narrative research, content analysis, narrative analysis, coding, Focus Group Discussions, homogeneous purposive sampling, triangulation


This is a narrative research study where the untold stories of selected student teachers are documented and analyzed. The untold stories are specifically focused on challenges student teachers encountered in their practice teaching, namely; mentor-mentee relationship, lesson planning, teaching demonstrations, and classroom management. As student teachers unveiled their stories, these challenges serve as inspirations to continue their journey and explore the world of teaching. This study utilizes narrative analysis where the narrative meaning was interpreted at an informational content level suited for content analysis. Content analysis is used in analyzing the verbatim accounts of the student teacher key informants. Further, coding is utilized in the identification of themes or categories. A homogeneous purposive sampling is used in the identification and selection of ten (10) student-teacher key informants who are chosen from two Teacher Education Institutions in Cebu City; one private and one public. Observations and in-depth interviews are conducted with selected student teachers in gathering detailed information about their on and off-campus practice teaching journey aside from collecting pertinent documents. Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) are utilized as an additional data-gathering technique. Triangulation is also used as an additional method for data analysis where documents, interviews, and observations were validated. It is recommended that an in-depth study of the same topic be conducted to further disclose the hidden challenges practice teaching provides. A mixed method design is recommended to quantify large samples constituting several teacher education institutions in the country.