Vol. 13 (2019): CNU-JHE

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Integration in Lesson Planning Among Pre-Service Teacher

Published 20-07-2019


  • Sustainable Development Goals; Lesson plan; Pre-Service Teachers; Multidisciplinary approach; Curriculum Integration


Education for sustainable development through curricular integration is pivotal towards the achievement of sustainable goals. SDG must be taught as early as possible for the students to have a good grasp of contextualized and localized events and be able to learn
how to propose solutions to societal issues and concerns. This study aims to determine the extent of cascading SDG in the lesson plans of pre-service teachers. The study utilized mixed-method design, documentary analysis to determine the extent of integration of SDG
in the lesson plans and quantitative method to identify the barriers and opportunities encountered by the pre-service teachers which were obtained through a focus group discussion. In this study the 110 Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEEd) Major in General Education and Early Childhood Education pre-service teachers enrolled in their third year of the second semester, SY 2017-2018 was used as respondents. This study was conducted in a Teacher Training Institution (TEI), a state university in Cebu City. Results
revealed that SDG's had a low-level integration in the lesson plans of the pre-service teachers, yet, the concept of the multidisciplinary approach was laudably used across\ various disciplines. Nonetheless, there were cognitive, affective and psychomotor barriers
identified along with the integration, hitherto the opportunities experienced by the respondents outweigh the barriers. The sustainability of the earth making it available for the future generation is the concern of everybody. The role of the academe is paramount in the development of lifelong learners particularly in making living sustainable and curricular integration of SDG across discipline is deemed necessary. This study recommends that SDG must be integrated across disciplines, to break disciplinary "silos" in addressing societal issues and that pre-service teachers must give social contexts to the lessons.