Vol. 10 (2016): CNU-JHE

Principled Organizational Dissent in State Universities and Colleges in Metro Cebu

Published 20-12-2016


  • Principled Organizational Dissent (POD), Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) Mode of POD, Negative Attitude, Perceived Behavioral Control, Positive Attitude


State Universities and Colleges are offices of public trust. These are institutions in which accountability and transparency are indispensable and thus conscientious and principled dissent is a matter of duty. This study inquired into the instances of Principled Organizational Dissent (POD) in State Universities and Colleges (SUC) in Metro Cebu and the perception of POD among the said SUC employees. As evidenced by the cases and complaints filed before the Office of the Ombudsman Visayas, the Civil Service Commission, Region VII, and respective SUCs, SUC employees do engage in POD. The study revealed that most SUC employees –administrators and non-administrators alike- are willing to engage in POD provided that such should be channeled through the grievance mechanisms of their respective institutions. Optimistically, almost all of the respondents valued the benefits of dissent over and above its putative detriments. Characteristically Filipino, most respondents believed that they have the support of their families, friends, and other people who are important to them whenever they engage in POD. The respondents’ positive attitude towards conscientious and principled dissent underscores a deep sense of public service, professionalism, ethical and political maturity, participatory citizenship, and a profound commitment to a just and humane society. Hence, the essence of democracy is vibrant in the higher institutions of learning, particularly in the State Universities and Colleges in Metro Cebu.