About the Journal

The CNU Journal of Computational Mathematics and Applications (CNU JCMA) is a peer-reviewed online journal that focuses on the dissemination of original and significant research in the realm of computational mathematics. The journal aims to bridge the gap between theoretical mathematical research and practical applications, highlighting the role of computational techniques in solving complex problems across a wide range of scientific and mathematical disciplines.

CNU JCMA publishes high-quality research papers that cover a broad spectrum of topics within computational mathematics, including but not limited to numerical analysis, algorithm development, mathematical modeling, simulation, and data analysis. The journal seeks to promote innovative approaches and novel methodologies that enhance the understanding and application of computational methods in various fields such as physics, engineering, biology, finance, and more.

The journal's editorial board comprises leading experts in computational mathematics and its applications, ensuring that each submitted manuscript undergoes a rigorous peer-review process. This process guarantees the publication of only the most impactful and methodologically sound research, maintaining the journal's reputation for excellence and academic integrity.